FleetJack IoT Pilot Program

Jumpstart your IoT strategy and use our IoT ready platform to start your IoT projects with less cost, low risk, and reduced effort!

Introducing FleetJack IoT ready platform

First movers are always remembered and rewarded and IoT will be no exception. Companies need to take advantage of opportunities before their competitors, Build solutions and integrate into their ecosystem. However building IoT solutions from the ground up can be costly, time consuming and risky. You want a fast, low cost, low risk method to try and evaluate your ideas and take the best ideas to production when you are ready.

You can achieve this by using our proven enterprise scale FleetJack IoT ready platform capable of handling thousands of transactions per minute. The platform also provides building blocks to quickly build IoT projects, test your solutions and move them to commercial production with enterprise scale.

What we provide as part of the Pilot Program


Build your integrations, Business rules and more

Reusable Components

Access to the library of API’s and functions


We provide training on our platform to get you up to speed


We have different licensing options for the platform which allows you to use the platform for one or multiple  IoT applications

Additional Service

Includes custom enhancement of the platform; Our team can work as your extended IoT team and convert your ioT ideas into applications

Platform Advantages

  • Build IoT projects with reliable, Enterprise scale platform
  • Significant reduction in IoT application development time and cost
  • Use the same platform for many IoT projects with appropriate licensing

Are you ready to start your IoT project?

Let us jumpstart your development

If you have the IoT project identified with
necessary budget and management approval

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